The content of the abort Fast and Happy

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Various ways to abort offered to us but we are confident and believe, when you figure out how you would want to abort a fast, secure and certainly succeeded completely. Smart people with health care and certainly no matter the amount of costs to be incurred origin assured her health. Yes, because health is more valuable than a mountain of gold. But the fact happens is the woman is still much to panic and take shortcuts that more instant, cheap and fast without regard to their safety such as: buy medication abortion and the use of traditional means good food, herbs, or TBA.

The case of the cara untuk menggugurkan kandungan is often a complaint of patients who come to our clinic is about fraud guise of medication abortion, even arrive in critical condition and threatens the health / safety of their after taking the abortion drug. From this we draw the conclusion that the women were mostly just thinking about how to abort a quick and instant without thinking due to their long term health.

How to abort after taking the abortion of course, is the instant and fast, just take a few pills and then waiting for the process and the subsequent side effects. Whereas the effects of drug use is dangerous, it can even lead to death. This is where we moved to facilitate you and provide knowledge about the impact or the danger posed when using ways that do not fit abortion medical procedures.

The content of the abort Fast and Happy

Based on data and experience that we have, cases of abortion often results in bleeding and even death usually comes from people who take the drug penggugur womb. Then we strongly encourage you to avoid the harm of abortion means if you do not want to be the next victim.

Is there a way to have an abortion in addition to using the abortion drug?

THERE IS. ie with food, drinks and herbs.

It is a way to abort naturally (naturally). Some types of food, drinks and herbs below are believed to have an abortion.

Here are some of the fruit / food, drinks and herbs which can lead to abortion of the fetus:


Young pineapple fruit is the food penggugur pregnancy or fetal number 1 killer of young pineapple fruit has the potential to have an abortion because it contains enzymes Bromealin. This enzyme can soften the meat so that this enzyme is touted as a ringleader of a miscarriage. The effects of consuming fruits young pineapple is very diverse. Depending on the age of the womb, usually at a young age of the content of this fruit can inhibit the development of the fetus until it finally died. Besides consuming young pineapple fruit in late pregnancy can lead to premature birth.

2. FRUIT Duren

Have your stomach feel hot after eating durian? Yes, durian contains alcohol that makes your stomach feel hot when eating excessive amounts. As we know, the durian fruit is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. Consuming alcohol can lead to a premature baby may even trigger a miscarriage. In addition durian fruit also contains arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid can trigger the formation of prostaglandin compounds in the womb of the mother. These compounds are also very dangerous for the fetus, it can trigger a severe contraction as a result of fetal growth become disrupted and often ends with birth defects and even miscarriages.


Young papaya fruit also can terminate the pregnancy. Especially at a young age womb. Papaya fruit does have a lot of vitamins needed by the body include vitamin A, B, beta karotine and potassium. However, raw papaya young or very harmful to pregnancy. If there are pregnant women who crave raw papaya papaya should be avoided because it contains pepsin in the sap, these substances can cause miscarriage. In addition to pepsin, papaya also contains papain. Papain can disrupt fetal growth. The concentration of the sap that is high on the young papaya could lead to contraction harm the fetus.


Controversy traditional herbal medicine against abortion may have a lot to hear. Traditional herbal medicine with this type of "specific" could lead to the decay of the fetus. Usually people who want an abortion instantly and quickly also use traditional herbal medicine. One example of herbs that can have an abortion is EM Capsules. EM capsules made from herbs and plant roots are natural and easy for us get nostrum traditional stores. Its main function is to solve the problem of femininity. Who would have thought it EM capsules have side effects that can have an abortion. Overview of the capsules are very safe for us and seem to have no side effects other than to help overcome the problem of femininity but the fact that is what happened, this proves that not all natural ways that can provide the best for us. Some people prefer traditional herbal medicine as a way to abort a natural. Keep in mind, the traditional herbal medicine can not afford mengugurkan contents thoroughly.

So how do I terminate the pregnancy SAFE AND COMPLETE?

As with medicine, food above all is to be shed, not a hammer. The remains of the fetus left inside the uterus, if not cleaned / removed, it can lead to infection of the uterus and will certainly affect the next pregnancy. The word "complete" is emphasized here because quite a lot of losses that could arise if abortion is not perfect or not clean. Even if successful, after consuming food / drug penggugur above you still require follow-up by a doctor to clean the mother's womb. Is not that costly anymore? Well, adverse events like this that we find many of our patients, which they previously have tried various methods of abortion as above.

If you can directly handled by a specialist, why choose cara membatalkan kehamilan the ways detrimental as above?


How to abort the safest and most effective is directly handled by doctors at abortion clinics with medical safety protocol. If you are confused to find an obstetrician who are competent in curettage / abort, you can contact us (Center Abortion Clinic Jakarta). Want to know more about the abortion procedure in the clinic? you can read the following articles on Abortion Procedure By Doctor.